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Moore Kismet, TSHA, Doechii and others

Contemporary dance and electronic music have changed radically since its origins. Major cities in the world, including Belgium, Miami, Las Vegas, and Chicago, have taken advantage of the genre’s popularity over the past decade to hold major electronic music festivals such as Tomorrowland, Spring Awakening, Electric Daisy Carnival, and Ultra Music Festival, each of them which brings together tens of thousands of fans.

But while electronic music continues to be a destination experience for many young listeners, the origins of electronic music actually begin within the black community. Evolving in the 1980s from the cultural decline of disco (another black music genre), electronic genres such as house (Chicago-born) and techno (Detroit-born) have taken off with a multicultural collection of fans interested in advancing sounds. of the dance floor.

While some of contemporary dance music’s biggest stars may be young white men, some of the genre’s most interesting and diverse artists are just emerging.

Black artists continued to carry the sound forward, incorporating other genres and elements while staying true to the roots of dance music. To celebrate Black Music Appreciation Month, here are five emerging artists pushing electronic and dance music forward.

Moore Kismet

Born Omar Davis, a native of Southern California Moore Kismet is a non-binary, pansexual superstar in the making with a progressive sound and message. A musical prodigy, Kismet’s artistic journey began at just 7 with a family laptop, a copy of Fruity Loops production software, and a self-taught studio.

Since then, Kismet has released several singles and EPs, including “Character” in 2019 and Revenge for Cupid And To flourish) in 2021. Kismet has racked up appearances at major festivals, including Lollapalooza and Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, making him the youngest artist of both events. Earlier this year, Kismet teamed up with the acclaimed singer / singer Tate McRae on the downtempo pseudo-ballad “Parallel Heartbreak”. Featuring the voice of singer Pauline Herr, the song illustrates Kismet’s unique, pop sound. Now, at 17, Kismet is about to release her debut album, UNIVERSEon June 24.


Many things can change in four years. Just look at the London DJ and producer TSHA (aka Teisha Matthews), who has grown from novice musician to celebrated artist since her debut EP, 2018 Sunrise, It was released. But this shouldn’t surprise most listeners.

Matthews’ love of electronic music (and the creative drive) began at a young age, with a mother who loved Carl Cox and Skrillex and an older brother who DJed house, garage and jungle.

Growing up, TSHA began experimenting on her own, eventually creating the TSHA nickname for her charismatic blend of 1990s deep house and techno.

It’s only been ever since, with shoutouts from media darlings like Annie Mac and Zane Lowe, and other electronic artists like Bonobo. Last month, Matthews was released fabric features TSHA, a DJ mix of 25 house-style tracks with emerging and established artists. His new single “Boyz”, included in the mix, is a pleasant tune that is sure to please most listeners.

Pink Panther

London musician Pink Panther he is not afraid to blend disparate genres such as house, garage, R&B and pop. 22-year-old Vicky Beverly Walker has made a name for herself, especially on social media, among young fans who have started using her surprisingly heavy and heartfelt songs as the perfect soundtrack for the minutiae of their lives. The first singles “Just a Waste”, “Break it Off” and “Pain” went viral on TikTok, with the latter making it to the UK Singles Chart, reaching number 35. This is no small feat for an unsigned artist at the time.

Since that first hit, he has also released his super-short debut mixtape, To the devil, which garnered critical acclaim for its abundance of memorable melodies and Walker’s singular, crisp voice. As a rising artist, PinkPantheress isn’t afraid to stand out from fellow artists, blending moods, harmonies and genres with a nonchalance that illuminates her love for electronic music.

Shy girl

Few artists can “do it all” like Shy girl. Nata Blane Muise, this British rapper, DJ, songwriter and head of the Nuxxe record label has worked quietly in the world of experimental and underground electronic music, establishing her singular musical brand.

Blending elements of house, grime, club and hyperpop, Muise gained recognition for the first time for collaborations with artists such as Arca, Sega Bodega and the late genius Sophie. Since then, she has released two EPs, 2018 Cruel practice and 2020 Alias. This September he will launch his first feature film, Nymph. “Firefly”, the first single from the album, is a glitchy yet captivating marvel that perfectly captures Shygirl’s enduring charm and a perfect complement to those long, dreamy summer days.


It can take a long time for a musician to break through the excess of distractions, stimuli and content available online. Yet born in Tampa Doechii (aka Jaylah Hickmon) – who raps and sings – did just that earlier this year with his provocative and groundbreaking music video for the fast-paced but brilliant single. Crazy.

The 3-minute stun, filled with nudity and violence, was a perfect introduction to Doechii’s music, which crosses genres and boundaries easily. Immediately sparking controversy, the video was banned from YouTube by trending and monetization. “Madness is about uncontrolled power, creativity and security. People call you crazy when they fear you or don’t understand you,” she said of the track and video on Instagram. “So when I use it in the song, I’m reflecting that energy on them to show them themselves.”

However, not all Top Dawg Entertainment (home of Kendrick Lamar, SZA and Isaiah Rashad) the artist’s music is so controversial. Another single from 2022, persuasive, went viral on TikTok for its uplifting and empowering message. Although he has already independently released two music collections, Doechii hasn’t attracted mainstream attention until the last couple of years or so, making his next debut record even more exciting.

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