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Multiverse: How to play Raindog

Reindog is a cute, cuddly dog ​​who is an original multiverse character. His role is primarily seen as a support class in team matches, so many people sleep on his power in single-player matches. They don’t have the ability to kill with air or side attacks in the traditional sense, but they can deal a lot of damage quickly and do devastating spikes on enemies.

Players who aren’t sure how to play Reindog or want to see what he’s capable of should use this guide. He learns to master his moves to become a fearsome and aggressive character with great support qualities.

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Movements and what they do

Here are some tips on Reindog’s moves and how to use them more effectively:


Love Leash (Neutral Ground Special)

  • Rendog will Shoot the tether That’s it connected with him And will Continue to damage the opponent It is overlapping.
  • If playing In addition A teammate, it can tether them and do more damage.
    • If the Input is pressed again, It brings The players return to him.
    • The Tether is almost there for Full cooldown when attached to an ally.
  • conduct Doesn’t last long Or do a lot of damage, but it should always be used when available.
  • This move Does not go through walls.

Flounce Pounce (Side Ground Special)

  • This is a attack attack That is Hits a bit in front of Raindog.
  • This move It is not a kill move but does significant damage.
  • It has a Sweet spot at the end of the movement.
  • That’s great Has priority over most moves.

Fireworks Master (Side Air Special)

  • Reindog does a Forward spinning attack.
  • This move Great for recovery.
  • It is an action Has a large hitbox and is ideal for edge defense.
  • Players can too Fall faster in this order.

Power Crystal (Up Ground Special)

  • This move Summons the crystal above Raindog.
    • If the player charges The attack, It will happen Send the crystal up.
  • This is Fires lightning That is Damages enemies And Apply shock, which is Deals constant damage to enemies, And so are they Damages their allies.
  • If it hits allies or Raindog, Then they will Grab Electrify, which applies shock to the next enemy they hit.
  • This move Always throw out as much as possible whenever and wherever possible.

Flying Floof (Up Air Special)

  • Rendog rolls over And then Rolls through the floor.
  • Players can use To this Move Raindog around the stage quickly.
  • Allies can do Take Reindog as an item And Throw him at the enemy.

Fireball (down ground special)

  • He does Charge and shoot a fireball in the arc that deals Ignited – this The effect is damaging one the enemy That is decays And Stackable to Make it last longer.
  • If charged, It will happen Long distance travel.
  • A hit, this one Drops the firewall That is Repeatedly applied ignited.
  • A An ally’s projectile that passes through deals with Ignited.
  • Rendog can do Shoot it several times before cooldown.
    • When it’s on Cooldown, it disappears Quickly.
  • Players want to use it as much as possible Fire continuously at the enemy.
  • This move can increase enemies and even If it doesn’t, Ignite is a big plus.


  • The Like the ground, Except for him Fires a downward fireball without charge.
  • This move is good Starting the composition.


PTOO! (neutral attack)

  • Rendog will Spitting a projectile It could be Aimed Or Down, and it bounces off the terrain.
  • The Air attack is the same as ground.
  • The fee of this attack Sends it in the Ark.
    • It’s wonderful Zoning of airspace.
  • Players want to use it Safe guard staff.

Fluffy combo(Side Attack)

  • Reindog does a A combination of headbutts and swipes.
  • It has a Big hit stun on first hit, So it will be Good for combinations.

Spin-Dog (Side Air Attack)

  • He does Spin fast and hit the target multiple times.
  • It will be one The main moves he uses to open.
  • This move Doesn’t have great kill potential, but it does build up a lot of damage.

Back Bumper (Up Ground Attack)

  • Rendog will Charge the attack That is launches him And Drives enemies off his back.
  • This move Not a killing move.
  • Players must Use this move primarily to pile damage on recovering enemies.
  • It has High priority, so players should benefit of this.

Flying Champ (Up Air Attack)

  • He does Biting on himself.
  • This is Bad move in his kit And Only to be used in combos.

Tail Swipe (Down Ground Attack)

  • It can be a tail swipe Accused to Break the armor.
  • This action will appear Kill enemies with good health.
  • This attack has priority On most enemy attacks.

Tail Swat (Down Air Attack)

  • Reindog does a Charged tail swipe That is Knocks enemies down.
  • This attack Raindog will be the primary spike and ledge guard.
  • This move A few enemies can be killed with a full charge at 100.
    • It will be Primary killing motion.


Here are some additional tips that players should keep in mind while playing Raindog:

  • Love Leash has a range Players always have to keep in mind Like them This action should be avoided to combat tick damage.
  • Reindog should Most of his compositions begin with a forward wind or A Wind down.
  • Players must Try and move opponents to the left or right of the platformAnd Rendogs The best kill options come from his range of guards.
  • Rendog RKills opponents quicklySo should the players Learn how to use all their strengths to Build up damage quickly.
    • This can be done by constantly making sure that Reindog has Tether, firewall and crystal when available.

Rendog Combos

Here are some Reindog combos that deal huge damage:

  • Side Knockback Combo – Ground Attack (Side), Ground Attack (Side), Ground Attack (Side), Ground Special (Side), Ground Attack (Down)
  • Air Knockback Combo – Ground Attack (Side), Ground Attack (Side), Ground Attack (Up), Jump, Air Attack (Up)
  • Multi-Hit Fast Combo – Jump, Air Attack (Side), Jump, Air Attack (Side), Ground Attack (Side), Ground Attack (Side), Ground Attack (Down)
  • Closing Down Chase Combo – Ground Attack (Neutral), Ground Attack (Neutral), Jump, Air Special (Side), Ground Attack (Side), Ground Attack (Side), Ground Attack (Down)

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