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Natural gas class action alleges price-fixing conspiracy

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Natural Gas Class Actions Lawsuit Overview:

  • WHO: A Wisconsin federal judge has certified two natural gas class action lawsuits.
  • Why: The judge found that the lower court erred in its determination that personal injury was too difficult to consider and said certification was appropriate.
  • Where: The natural gas class action lawsuits were filed in Wisconsin federal court.

Natural gas class action lawsuits alleging that natural gas companies engaged in a price-fixing conspiracy to raise prices in Wisconsin in the early 2000s have been certified, Law360 reports.

On June 26, US District Judge William M. Conley vacated summary judgment against several natural gas buyers and issued an order certifying a class of commercial and industrial buyers who purchased natural gas in Wisconsin from January 1, 2000 to October 31. , 2002.

Natural gas class action lawsuits filed in 2006 alleged that the price-fixing scheme caused price increases.

Judge Conley’s order applies to two consolidated cases filed in 2006 by Wisconsin natural gas purchasers Xcel Energy Inc., Williams Cos. Inc. And others say they engaged in a conspiracy to artificially inflate prices by providing false information to price publishers. Indexes.

Natural gas class action lawsuits are concentrated in multidistrict litigation (MDL) before Nevada judges. The MDL court previously granted summary judgment in favor of the gas companies, finding that the same allegations were part of an earlier agreement.

The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the summary judgment ruling in 2018 after finding that the earlier settlement did not include price-fixing claims. The MDL court did not rule on the matter, instead remanding the case to Judge Conley’s court in Wisconsin.

9th Circuit reverses MDL court’s denial of certification to class of Wisconsin natural gas purchasers. The lower court decided that class certification was inappropriate because of the difficulty in calculating individual damages.

Judge Conley disagreed that calculating individual damages precluded certification of the case as a class action, concluding that “the amount of damages is invariably an individual question and does not defeat class treatment.”

In related news, natural gas companies Excel Energy and E-Prime Energy recently reached $2.5 million Natural gas price fixing class action settlement In Colorado. If you purchased natural gas from either of these companies in Colorado between January 1, 2000 and October 31, 2002, you may be eligible for benefits.

Are you paying high prices for natural gas? Let us know your thoughts on natural gas class action lawsuits in the comments below!

The class members are represented by Kohner Mann & Kailas SC, Perkins Coe LLP and Polcinelli PC.

The Natural Gas Class Action Lawsuits There are Arundel Corp., et al. v. Xcel Energy Inc., et al.Case No. 3:07-cv-00076, and NewPage Wisconsin System Inc. v. CMS Energy Resource Management Co., et al.Case no. 3:09-cv-00240, in the US District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin.

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