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Our resident makeup artist Anika Kai shares her top 5 Morphe products

Anika Kai: Hi, welcome back to my channel. My name is Anika Kai and I am a famous makeup artist and beauty influencer. People always ask me what your favorite products are and I tell them I can’t pick a favorite. I love everything, so what I’m going to do to share my favorites with you is go online from each brand and show you my top five. I’ll show you five of my favorite Morphe products. I use many of these professionally and personally and am so excited to share them with you today.

So the first will be my Morphe Prodigy Bronzer. Now you can see that this is much loved. I use it on myself and have one in my kit too. This is the perfect bronzer for chocolate brown complexions. It is a very warm terracotta shade. Sometimes I use it as a blush just to warm the skin. It’s a beautiful, beautiful tone.

Another of my real favorites from Morphe will be their lip gloss. Now, this is in the shadows of Freestyle and Sweetest Tea. Sweetest Tea was my favorite, throw it in the bag, I don’t need some kind of lip liner jam. I am obsessed with this color. He’s so cute. It’s like a mauve nude. The formula is not too sticky and lasts a long time on the lip. These two, if you are my complexion, would certainly be the best. There is one called Sweet Tea, which is gorgeous on gm for fair complexions.

In this moment of Morphe, I love their filter effect correctors. They sent me these colors in shades 36 and 38, and I use them on my face one more as an all-over color and a lighter one in the center, so I’ll go ahead and apply it so you can see how buttery these concealers are. All I’ve used has been this beauty blender, and I mean, it’s dry and faded like nobody’s business. It also has great coverage and lasts a very long time on the skin.

The next high-end Morphe product will be their pencils. I call them pencils and not specifically lip liner because they are simply not a colored pencil. So you can use it wherever you want. I have these two shades here that I use as a lip liner; Night date and Trendsetter. Trendsetter will be a more chocolaty brown and Date Night is a bit more of a plumpy brown. I’ll drop by for the evening appointment. If you don’t already have these two colors, go out and get them. These are a bomb!

How can we talk about Morphe and not talk about their brushes? These are some of my favorites. They have the finest range of detailing brushes. This is an angled eyeliner brush. I just like this for the whole face. Works with cream powders – anything and any narrow area you need to get in on the face, perfect for that. This is my fluffy dome brush again. Really nice and narrow areas and really good for spot application. And this is the push liner brush. I tend to use it to clean my brows to insert any type of eyeliner. If you want a crisp, clean line without having to, you can use a flick of the wrist; this will really do the job. Also good in confined spaces. Almost all Morphe brushes are of very good quality. In my opinion, they are fooled by some of the Mac brushes that are out there. Some of the really high-end brushes are out there and they’re synthetic hair, so they’ll last longer. Comment on some of your favorite Morphe brushes below.

Last but not least the Morphe palettes; This is how I was introduced to Morphe. Their palettes are really very buttery, really soft, really pigmented. This is the latest “Make You

Blush, ”I love the packaging of this and then it comes with this really big mirror which is a nice touch. So there are some of my favorite Morphe cosmetics products, and you guys let me know which are your favorite Morphe cosmetics.

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