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Pokemon GO: How to face the challenger

Pokemon GO World Championship 2022 Challengers
Image: Nintendo Life

Pokémon GO is entering the Pokémon World Championship 2022 celebrations the good old-fashioned way — by throwing new opponents at you!

These special World Championship Challengers are available to battle with Pokémon GO’s World Championship Time Research Quest, which you can obtain by redeeming one of the many codes handed out during the livestreams.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to find and fight World Championship challengers and Pokemon World Championship 2022 How To Get Pikachu.

Pokemon GO World Championship Challengers

Where can I find Challengers?

From now until now August 23 at 8:00 pm (local time)As long as you’ve redeemed one of the Pokémon World Championship time research codes, you’ll be able to find and challenge World Championship challengers at a PokéStop near you.

Similarly to Team GO Rocket Grunts and Rocket Leaders battles, These challengers often appear, So if you don’t have a World Championship Challenger near you, one should pop up soon.

You’ll know if a PokéStop World Championship Challenger awaits you PokéStop Rocket Grunt wiggles like PokéStops, but without their signature bright color.

In our experience walking around a residential area with several pokestops, we had no trouble finding challengers as they approached relatively often. As we battled, the other one from before disappeared, so it seemed that he might be disappointed too.

How to fight a challenger

Battling a World Championship Challenger is just like any other Pokémon GO battle, and every time you defeat one, it contributes to the Time Research quest for the World Championship.

Six different challengers appear throughout the event, but each of them has several different Pokémon in their arsenal, so you may never fight the same team twice. Alternatively, you can fight against many of the same challenger type.

World Championship Challengers don’t use shields, but you get to use two, so every fight should be pretty easy!

Challengers Pokemon Teams

As we mentioned above, each of the six World Championship Challengers you can face comes into battle with several different Pokemon.

Pokémon GO veterans who have built a strong and varied selection of Pokémon to use in battle will have little trouble during these matches – we beat challengers with relative ease using the recommended Pokémon team in the game. Make sure your team is at full health Before fighting, of course, and Make sure to use your two shields strategically.

Here’s a list of potential teams for the World Championship Challengers (many thanks to The Sylph Road subreddit for putting this together!)

How to fight an ambitious challenger

Here are the Pokemon used by ambitious challengers:

Pokemon Slot 1 Pokemon Slot 2 Pokemon Slot 3
Araquanid Registration Talonflame
Swampert Walrane Sable
obstacle Nidoquine Greedy
Trevenant Alolan Ninetales Swampert

How to fight a confident challenger

Here are the Pokemon used by Confident Challengers:

Pokemon Slot 1 Pokemon Slot 2 Pokemon Slot 3
Diggersby Walrane Cresselia
Walrane Mandibuzz Deoxys Defense
Swampert Trevenant Deoxys Defense
Swampert Nidoquine Likkitung

How to fight an eager challenger

Here are the Pokémon used by Ezeir Challengers:

Pokemon Slot 1 Pokemon Slot 2 Pokemon Slot 3
Medicham Nidoquine Swampert
Nidoquine Likkitung Walrane

How to fight an exotic challenger

Here are the Pokemon used by Exotic Challengers:

Pokemon Slot 1 Pokemon Slot 2 Pokemon Slot 3
surfech’d Walrane Talonflame
Walrane Likkitung Registration
Sable ?? ??

How to fight a novice challenger

Here are the Pokemon used by Novice Challengers:

Pokemon Slot 1 Pokemon Slot 2 Pokemon Slot 3
Sable Alolan Ninetales obstacle
Trevenant Azumaril Gallerian Stunfisk

How to fight a slick challenger

Here are the Pokemon used by Slick Challengers:

Pokemon Slot 1 Pokemon Slot 2 Pokemon Slot 3
Azumaril Medicham Registration
Walrane Sable Trevenant


Fighting against World Championship challengers will net you some useful rewards as well as an event-exclusive item or two.

For defeating all of them, A World Championship 2022 Pikachu Plus you get Elite FastTM and Elite ChargeTM.

Here are the rewards you get for defeating each challenger:

  • 1 Challenger – 10 Poke Balls
  • 2 Challengers – 1 Fast TM
  • 3 Challengers – 10 big balls
  • 4 Challengers – 1 Charge TM
  • 5 Challengers – 10 Ultra Balls

If you win any of these matches, you can also win three bundles that include Fruits, Dust, Poke Balls and Great Balls.

As the event is currently live, this information will be constantly updated as players discover new details. We’ll be sure to keep it as up-to-date as possible! Good luck finding and taking down those challengers!

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