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Presentation of indie electronic artist Fellamalad

An Australian expat living in London, Fellamalad is an electronic artist who blends indie rock and psychedelic tones in his original productions.

Its current release is “Second To None”, a track that began years ago as a spontaneous synth experiment before going dormant until a jam session with Fellamalad collaborators in Australia brought it back to life.

“The song is about the ups and downs of being in a long-distance relationship and suggests that you could only get over it if your partner was really second to none,” says Fellamalad.

Who is… Fellamalad is recording a project originating from north Sydney. Although it is primarily a solo project, there has been assistance with recording and creative direction from other artists.

The project was born from the desire to learn to record music after many friendly jam sessions at friends’ houses from 2018 onwards.

I look… Fellamalad sounds like an indie and electronic crossover. Sometimes it can veer towards the likes of LCD Soundsystem or with tracks that are more sampling and rhythm heavy towards something like Nicolas Jaar.

My first gig was … The first concert hasn’t happened yet! It will be in London when I can figure out how to play live.

When you chose your artistic name, and it was a unanimous decision … The name was chosen in early 2021, more out of necessity as a release was on the way.

When my great grandfather didn’t know someone’s name, he called it ‘mates to me boy’, so once you put it together you get the weird name Fellamalad.

In the studio usually … Record snippets at home when I can after work or in my free time. It’s always good to keep a relaxed vibe when doing this, but things can get less fun when trying to get a song from 75% complete to 100%.

If I could do a tour with someone … Would Tame Impala be too cliched a response? Or Gorillaz?

Social networks are … Sometimes a big waste of time.

My favorite app at the moment is … To translate. He’s helping me learn to speak to my Spanish family.

To date, my most embarrassing moment was the moment … When I release any music. Haha, nah, just kidding. Maybe when I rented a studio across town to practice and didn’t get a guitar pick. Ended up playing with a credit card.

Life on the go can be … Tired of what I’ve heard from touring bands.

If you have me on your account, all I ask is that the pilot contain … I’d like some cold water and maybe a healthy dinner to fight the post-show beers.

The scariest scenario I’ve ever found myself in was … I’m trying to record myself singing anything.

Which celebrity / famous person would you like to be the spokesperson for the band … British comedian Noel Fielding. I feel like he could come up with good adjectives and paint some funky images for the music.

If you were to live in a city abroad, where would you choose and why? Well now I live in London, so here at the moment. But elsewhere? Maybe somewhere in Spain because it’s beautiful and I have a family there.

Three people you would like to invite for a dinner … My grandfather and my great grandfather just to see them again and talk about their lives. The third person; maybe I could add someone like Paul McCartney because he looks like a good guy and is a pretty decent songwriter.

If we came to your house, what would you cook there? I also miss the enchiladas.

When it comes to pets, are you a lover or a hater of our furry friends? Love pets, how you might not. Dogs and cats and everything else as long as the animal is happy.

No matter the shopping, send me a case of … I’d be worried about the shopping, but I’d like a case of 4 Pines Pale Ale.

The last time I saw the inside of a gym it was … I don’t remember walking into a gym in the last few years.

What job do you dislike the most? Vacuum the carpets. It is so loud and boring.

Do you have any phobia … Phobia of not leading a fulfilling life. Is it too deep?

Would you ever participate in a reality show? Absolutely no.

If you could prank any of your friends, who is your target and how are you knocking them down? I’d play a joke on my partner and hide fake spiders in her clothes.

Best local takeaway spot for a midnight meal that will leave you in a food coma? Mario’s Skewers in Manly Corso, Sydney.

Which fictional character best describes your personality? I’ve been told I look like Gumby. Maybe Gumby. It looks nice.

The last show you binge-watched? “The Office” (UK or US); I love all the antics of the first seasons and of course the love story of Jim and Pam.

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