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President Aoun awards the artist Georgette Gebara with the gold medal in recognition of her artistic history

President Aoun awards the artist Georgette Gebara with the gold medal in recognition of her artistic history

The President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, awarded the artist Georgette Gebara the “Lebanese Silver Medal of Merit” in a ceremony held on Monday at the Presidential Palace.

The ceremony was attended by some family members, friends and managers of the artistic and representative sectors of Gebara.

The Director General of Protocol and Public Relations at the Presidency of the Republic, Dr. Nabil Chedid, read a speech on behalf of President Aoun, in which he referred to the artistic values ​​of Mrs. Gebara, who invited the President of the Republic to honor his.


“Each field has its pioneers and we in Lebanon have a pioneer in the world of ballet, choreography and theater, named Georgette Gebara.

She is a woman with an elegant soul, passionate about art and creative in the highest forms of bodily expression. She carries in her blood and her genes a blend of different civilizations, which is reflected in the richness of her art, and in the dance schools she founded in Lebanon.

His name has never left the hearts of the Lebanese people. He brought joy to their souls, with his gentle personality and the fine arts of him. She has dedicated herself, time and effort to raise the art of contemporary dance to the level it deserves.

It has been the best ambassador of Lebanon’s civilization, openness and sophistication wherever it has settled in the world.

It is a symbol of our good weather. For 60 years you have been present with strength and respect in the Lebanese art scene. This is proof that he deserves all loving honor ”.

Respected Mrs. Gebara,

As a sign of appreciation for your artistic and cultural skills, His Excellency the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, has decided to award you the “Lebanese Silver Medal of Merit”.

The President wishes you continued health and long life, thanking you for all the joy, art and beauty you have provided to Lebanon, which is at the heart of our nation’s civilization and its message to the world ”.

Subsequently, President Aoun presented the medal to Mrs. Gebara, congratulating her and expressing her appreciation for her artistic history, and for her luminous and elegant presence in the memory of the Lebanese and in the history of her contemporary artistic homeland.

For her part, Ms. Gebara thanked President Aoun for his gesture of honor, and expressed her appreciation for him and for his embrace of artistic and cultural issues in Lebanon.

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