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Prey’s character effects artist wants to see Batman fight the predator

Prey Character effects artist Tom Woodruff thinks there is a big battle that has yet to be explored in film: Batman versus a predator.

“I like the idea of ​​Batman fighting a Predator,” Woodruff said in an interview with that also included Dane DiLiegro, who plays the Predator in Prey. “I’ll take that … Dane, if no one else accepts it, you and me and a little camera, we’ll make it work.”

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DiLiegro added that in this hypothetical duel, Christian Bale da The dark Knight the trilogy would be his first choice, although the portrait of Ben Affleck from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice And Justice League it was also intriguing.

“I like [Christian] Bale, “DiLeigro said when asked what his favorite take on Batman were on screen.” I love what they did with his character, that tank he drives. Should I go Christian Bale would probably be the most terrific. [Ben] Affleck is a kid from Boston. I’m from Boston. We used to talk about things “.

While one may have originated in comics and the other in film, Batman and the Predator have crossed paths multiple times, most notably in three fan-favorite crossovers released by DC and Dark Horse Comics in the 1990s. Batman versus predator, originally published in 1991, was written by Dave Gibbons and illustrated by Andy and Adam Kubert. The mashup featured a Yautja venturing into Gotham and hunting down the city’s most important people until he crosses paths with Batman. It ended in an all-out brawl between humans and aliens, with Batman wearing an experimental Batsuit exoskeleton sonar to battle Predator technology.

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Two sequels followed: 1994 Batman vs Predator II: Bloodmatchwritten by Doug Moench and pencil drawn by Paul Gulacy, and from 1997 Batman vs. Predator III: Blood Tieswhich included a screenplay by Chuck Dixon and drawings by Rodolfo Damaggio. Blood match saw Batman and the Slayer battle the new Predators on Earth while Blood ties it included Robin, Oracle, Catwoman and Mister Freeze.

The 2003 live fan movie Batman: dead end drew inspiration from these crossovers and saw Batman confront not only a Predator, but also a Xenomorph of the Aliens franchise in its surprise ending.

Preywhich has received rave reviews and some have called it the best movie of the Predator franchise, is now streaming on Hulu in the US, Star + in Latin America, and Disney + everywhere.


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