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Review of The Empath’s Oracle by Raven Digitalis (Author), Konstantin Bax (Artist)

Mr. Digitalis’ The Oracle of the Empath deck It is aimed at those who self-identify as both empathic and spiritual people and feel they need regular guidance and balance. The abstract style of the deck allows each player to interpret the cards in an absolutely unique way. The deck is not intended to replace a tarot deck, but rather to complement it.

The deck is absolutely gorgeous, a real feast for the eyes. Virtually any card is suitable for framing, preferably after zooming!

An interesting feature of this deck is that Mr. Digitalis doesn’t claim he has the answers his readers are looking for. What he offers is to hold them by the hand, gently guiding them to come up with their own conclusions.

“This deck is personal and it is deeply interpretive. It doesn’t tell you what to do, or how to act or behave, but instead provides insights to interpret yourself personally and see how it fits into your current life journey.

Each card contains a separate set of uniquely designed wisdom and tips for separate empathic dilemmas, circumstances, and reflections. This will help you determine the messages that are delivered to you spiritually at that moment … “

Mr Digitalis is committed to inclusiveness, as the art in the deck portrays individuals of various races, ethnicities, genders and ages and is painted in an abstract style. This allows you to interpret the deck in a different way by each player in order to receive different messages according to the needs to be learned. The meanings of the cards can vary over time, say from month to month.

“Once a relationship is established with the cards, a natural rhythm will develop and you will be able to understand the personal message that each card is conveying at any given moment.”

The subtle nuances of meaning in the cards of The Oracle of the Empath decks that vary from player to player and from time to time are in stark contrast to that of a Tarot deck, which will convey accurate information. While Mr Digitalis leaves the choice of the Tarot deck or another form of divination to the reader, his preference for the Tarot is the Thoth Bridge designed by Aleister Crowley and painted by Lady Freda Harris.

Mr Digitalis suggests the best way to use The Oracle of the Empath An individual’s deck is drawing a card every morning, during the time of morning spiritual practice. If you are reading the cards for others, you need to use a three-card spread with a “past-present-future” cast. This reading should accompany a Tarot reading or another form of divination. Mr Digitalis does not recommend reading “reversals” or reversed cards with this deck.

The Oracle of the Empath the deck is made up of 40 cards that cover a very broad spectrum of categories of experiences that all those on a spiritual path will experience in the early stages. As paths become specific to the traditions followed, readers will have a solid foundation on which to build.

The Oracle of the Empath deck effectively complements the empathic toolkit provided by Mr Digitalis. His many years of research, study and reflection manifest themselves as a kind encouragement that will surely facilitate growth.

Tony Mierzwicki

Author of Hellenismos: Practicing Greek polytheism today And Greco-Egyptian Magic: Daily Empowerment.

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