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Skillibeng considers himself a dancehall artist, not “Trap Dancehall”

Crocodile teeth deejay Skillibeng reiterated that he does not consider himself a Trap-Dancehall artist, but purely a Dancehall artist.

“I am a Dancehall artist. I don’t consider myself a Trap Dancehall artist. I’m a Dancehall artist, “he pointed out during a recent interview with DJ Kash.

“People say my sound is Trap, so I’m not really arguing with anyone, because there are more people out there; it’s just me here. So if people say it sounds like Trap, that’s what it will be for now, “she explained, adding later:” I’m not a person who focuses on making Trap Dancehall play. I am a person who likes to make music. So for me they are all kinds of different sounds. ”

In January of last year, during an interview with Seani B on BBC1 Xtra, Skilli faced criticism from Dancehall purists, who were of the opinion that Dancehall’s infused Trap rhythms had watered down the genre. The 25-year-old had said that while he accepted the term Trap Dancehall: “at the end of one day Skillibeng nuh really follows Trap dancehall. I go after good music … “

He had also said that the kind of gender he chose on a given day to indulge in depends on his mood at the time.

“Today I will feel like I am singing a soul, tomorrow I will feel like I kill seventy people on a riddim, tomorrow is an all gyal atmosphere, a strange day is a grass atmosphere, even on the same day. I like to be optimistic, nuh body nuh fi know wah me a forward wid. A Brik Pan Brik it was just like dat weh dem surprise.

The St. Thomas native also said that the Trap Dancehall subgenre was good for music like: “kids inna fi wi era nah go have a good time Listen to dem parents set ah music …”

“We built new sound and new fi music of people dem, straight. so it’s not bad if we mix dancehall with a hip hop rhythm because the biggest platforms have been ah tek weh fiwi style and we use it as dem waah use it “, she added.

The name Trap Dancehall wasn’t coined until about 2017, when Montego Bay artist Rygin King, also known as Trap Lord, released his hit single. Tuff, produced by Dane Ray. The origin of the subgenus is obscure, but King is widely considered the man responsible for the disclosure of Trap in Jamaica, through Tuff.

In a 2019 interview, Rygin King described Trap Dancehall as a fusion of his favorite genres, Rap, Hip hop and Dancehall, which give a unique melody thanks to “longer beats and a hook”.

Earlier this year, Bounty Killer denounced Jamaicans who, according to him, had never recorded dancehall or reggae songs in their life, and therefore should not label themselves as “dancehall artists”, but as the genre under which give voice exclusively, for example, Trap.

Bounty Hunter

He also said that while foreigners embrace the country’s genres, some Jamaican musical “traitors” deprived children of their ancestors’ music and that he listened to more Rap, Trap, Afrobeat and Drill than Reggae at Jamaican parties.

“So I’m telling people who have never done reggae, you can’t be a Jamaican artist and you don’t have reggae songs. You can’t be a Jamaican artist and you don’t have any Dancehall songs. And you say you are a Dancehall artist pon top a it. How does it work? ”The Warlord said.

“Type in a music you make, you are an artist. Suh if you are doing Trap you are not a Dancehall artist. You’re a Trap artist – inna Dancehall, ”she pointed out.

In May of this year, in response to questions about whether Trap songs were “drowning” the Dancehall sound, Bounty Killer said there was no competition, as the two genres are not in contention, but claimed to be glad that Trap artists have blossomed.

“The trap has its own small audience. I’ve never seen a Trap song on Billboard that stays. Skillibeng hit the Billboard a bit and it’s back. He has never had much impact to say that Trap is watering down or smothering anything, “he told Television Jamaica’s Anthony Miller during an episode of The Entertainment Report.

“Trap is doing his duty and making his mark. Si Skillibeng guh an English deal with the wicked of him … Suh I just hope he supports and continues to grow and build … “, he said.

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