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Sotheby’s presents the first dedicated auction of artist jewelery in New York

Sotheby’s is the world’s largest market for art and luxury sales. They recently sold the first Gorgosaurus auctioned for $ 6.1 million right here in New York.

Despite the regular sale of dinosaur fossils, fine art and even meteorites, this new show will be a first for Sotheby’s. This will be the first time that the market has dedicated an auction to the jewelry artist, Art as Jewelry as Art.

The collection will include various jewelry and accessories created by master jewelers and famous artists. The pieces will focus on the art era of the 20th century and beyond. Some artists present will be Louise Nevelson, Alexander Calder, Claude Lalanne, George Braque, Lucio Fontana, Pol Bury, Kiki Smith, Salvador Dalí, Harry Bertoia, Pablo Picasso, Max Ernst, Jesús Rafael Soto and others.

One special piece that is highlighted in the auction presentation is Calder’s “Lady Kenneth Clark Tiara”, which comes in at an estimated $ 200 – 300,000. The tiara is made of brass and features spirals on a simple headband that wraps around the head.

The leitmotif of the rod that will bind all the pieces is the relationship between the creator and the art. Sotheby’s will focus on how artists have delved into their fashion history study for their jewelry designs and creation process.

“This selection of artist jewelry aims to reintroduce these works to the discerning collector in a new context and as a defined category of art for a collection that is not only intended for ornamentation, but also as a means of personal expression,” he said. Tiffany Dubin, artist jewelry specialist and Head of Sale, Art as Jewelry as Art. “These works were not made to be stored in a drawer, vanity or safe; they had to be celebrated on the body in a lively and interactive way. How we define ourselves and the art we connect with are integral parts of who we are and is what ultimately defines us as creative beings. Those who forge their own path as collectors will also embrace the vision that guided me in bringing together these original and beautiful works that will only become more appreciated over time.

There will be 9 sectors of the auction, while attendees will explore jewels such as kineticism, abstract expressionism, sculpture, surrealism, avant-garde, nonconformist, minimalism, modernism and visionaries.

Art as Jewelry as Art will be open to online offers from September 14 to October 4 with all the artworks on display in the galleries of Sotheby’s York Avenue.

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