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Spotlight on the multifaceted artist Patricia Vonne

The Buddy Holly Center summer showcase for 2022 is still going strong and this week they have a power of multi-talented artist known as Patricia Vonne.

Patricia Vonne was born Patricia Vonne Rodriguez in San Antonio, Texas and is no stranger to hard work with her broad background as a singer, songwriter, actress, activist and award-winning director. Vonne has been in movies like Spy children, Desperateand both City of Sin film in which she played Dallas, better known as Zorro Girl.

In addition to acting, Vonne wrote songs like “Traeme Paz” which she was used in Once upon a time in Mexico and has been on tour with the band Tito and Tarantula which is featured in the film From dusk to dawn. Vonne is also a human rights activist and an active member of the United Nations Artists United Against Human Trafficking program. In Austin, where Vonne resides, she works in the Texas Music Project as an advocate for school music programs to encourage young people to get involved in the arts.

Vonne’s musical style is definitely something I’ve never heard of myself before. Like much of the Summer Showcase talent, I had to listen to his music to see if he would make me feel a certain way or transport me to a different place and collide two different memories and feelings in a surprising way.

Vonne’s music is like taking an Antonio Banderas movie and putting in a little bit Xena Warrior Princess, but take her weapons off and add a few sprinkles of Texan Latin. This is what Vonne’s music does to my ears. There are the notable sounds of some Tex-Mex inspired sounds along with some Spanish overtones and just the right amount of Cumbia beats with what I can describe as the hums of Texas and our indigenous ancestors.

Vonne has a penchant for Christmas music since she was born so close to the day. She doesn’t necessarily have all the regular Christmas music in her discography, but a few revamped and original songs that are all her personality – like Cumbia Navidad, who could literally turn my Christmas-hating Grinch heart into a Christmas-loving Jack Skellington. pounding burning coal.

Patricia Vonne will be touring around Germany on her schedule, but be sure to catch the talented Texas native at the Meadows Courtyard at the Buddy Holly Center Thursday June 23, 2022 from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Entry to the Buddy Holly Center Summer Showcase is free for the public, but no food and drinks are allowed outside, along with chairs, picnic blankets, and pets. Guests are encouraged to visit the exhibits during the Summer Showcase hours.

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