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Syrian artist Saint Hoax presents ABS-CBN’s “Wildflower” meme “Pride Month”

Screenshot of an edited scene from ABS-CBN’s Wildflower (Twitter / Saint Hoax)

A scene from an old Filipino TV series was used as a satirical meme by a popular Instagram artist to celebrate the end of Pride Month last week.

Holy Hoaxa Syrian artist with over three million followers on Instagram, shared a series of funny and satirical meme videos related to Pride Month and the LGBT community.

“The dump of the end-of-month meme of pride,” wrote the artist.

The first video on the slide showed an edited scene from ABS-CBN’s “Wildflower,” a 2017 suspense series starring Maja Salvador and Aiko Melendez among the main stars.

In the video, Aiko as Governor Emilia Ardiente-Torillo and Tirso Cruz III as Julio Ardiente laughed at a lowered coffin.

Saint Hoax modified an LGBT flag on the coffin to supposedly represent the month of buried pride after June 30.

A text has also been changed in the video. It reads: “Companies on July 1st removed the pride flag from their registry.”

The artist also shared this video on his Twitter with 130,700 followers.

This “Wildflower” meme-worthy moment appeared in episode 162 of the show.

A four-minute version of this may still appear on YouTube.

In the episode, Emilia and Julio were actually laughing at Maja as Ivy Aguas who was inside the coffin. They were burying her alive to kill her at the scene.

It was uploaded on September 30, 2017, and the gas has garnered over a million views so far.

Local Twitter immediately saw the Filipino reference.

Some Filipinos were amused by the way Saint Hoax discovered the video clip.

“This is from a Filipino soap opera omg lmao,” a user She said.

“Philippine telenovelas are a meme gold mine. Each episode is worthy of a meme, “another user tweeted.

Others also recalled how “Wildflower” gave birth to several funny memes and images at the time.

“‘Wildflower’ is undoubtedly a Filipino pop culture icon HAHAHA,” one user tweeted.

“Legendary scene ni Aiko lol”, another user tweeted.

“HAHAHAHHSHSHVHSVY ‘Wildflower’ is a funny meme,” another user She said.

Some images and memes from the 2017 show, including that of the clashes between Maja and Aiko, are still used as funny reactions to online conversations at the moment.

Saint Hoax, meanwhile, joined other LGBT influencers and members who were critical of brands pledging LGBT support every June of the year.

Some media outlets have described it as “rainbow capitalism,” an idea whereby brands capitalize on pride month for profit rather than the cause itself.

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