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Testnet Positioning for Cardano’s Vasyl Hard Fork Breakout Begins at ADA Price

  • Cardano price is above the $0.435 support level, trying to establish a directional bias.
  • ADA could trigger a 25% bounce if the $0.435 platform holds.
  • A four-hour candlestick below $0.435 would lead to a 12% decline to $0.380.

Cardano price is at a point in its journey where things can go either way. ADA consolidates above stable support levels, which can become bullish if broken or bounced. Therefore, investors should be careful in their decision making.

Furthermore, the upcoming Vasyl hard fork for ADA will add volatility to this expected price action. In a recent tweet, the IOHK team Confirmed A successful launch of a hard fork on the testnet and allows it to run for four weeks and watch for failures or bugs. During this time, IOHK works closely with dApp developers, Stock Pool Operators (SPOs) and other members of the community.

Tweet further Said,

As soon as we are confident that ecosystem partners are comfortable and ready, we will submit an update proposal to upgrade the #Cardano mainnet to #Vasil.

The price of Cardano remains unspecified

Cardano price shows the formation of a triple tap setup, which is a variation of the triple bottom. This technical formation typically consists of a swing low formation and a divergence below it. The last step involves the asset retesting the formed low, which usually results in a bullish move.

For Cardano price, this swing low was formed at $0.435 on June 13 and ADA deviated below it on June 18. The final retest is on June 30 but the altcoin seems to be quiet with no volatility due to the ongoing consolidation.

A breakout from this coiling would trigger a 25% rally in Cardano price to $0.550. However, this move is not without difficulty and obstacles; The $0.470 resistance barrier needs to be turned into a support floor for a quick move towards the target at $0.550.

ADA/USDT 4-Hour Chart

ADA/USDT 4-Hour Chart

While Cardano is looking for price, it is based on the assumption that the altcoin will bounce off the $0.435 support floor. However, failure to do so may paint a bearish picture. A four-hour candlestick close below the aforementioned barrier invalidates the triple tap setup.

In such a case, ADA needs to recover quickly above said level to have any chance at a rally. Failure to do so would result in a 12% decline to retest the weekly support level at $0.380.

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