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The artist leaves handmade pottery in random places that people can find

Imagine hiking the red rocks of Moab, Utah, or strolling along the beach in Key West, Florida, when you come across a stunning piece of glazed pottery. There is no one around, just a beautiful hand carved bowl with an envelope next to it that says:


This bowl was left here for someone to find and keep. If it doesn’t talk to you, let someone else find it, or take it and give it to a friend. I just ask for it to be enjoyed and, if you like, let me know where it ends. (Contact details inside.)

Love, Kim

Kim Press is a Texas artist who shares her pieces under the name of Sailing Adrift Studios. When she travels, she takes a piece with her to leave for a casual and unsuspecting person to find. Lucky wanderers in 36 states and two countries stumbled upon Press ceramic “free art drops” and managed to bring home an unexpected artistic treasure from their travels.

And these aren’t old bowls. Find out how absolutely stunning these pieces are:

The press recently shared a video highlighting some of the pieces she dropped, and any of them would make an incredible gift.

“To say that I am proud of these numbers is an understatement,” she wrote. “In my wildest dreams, I never could have imagined how much taking a pottery class and playing in the mud would change my life … And that just proves that if you travel far enough, you will eventually find yourself.”

People who find Press pottery let her know where the pieces are and half the fun is seeing how far they travel. He put up a page on his website where he shares the “found” stories of the pieces, such as the bowl he left in Santa Monica, California, making his home in Spain, a bowl he left in Tucson to reach China. and a piece found in Pennsylvania ending up in Mexico. She sometimes she leaves them in hiking spots in the wilderness. She sometimes she drops them in the middle of a city. Some pieces remained in the states she dropped them and others traveled across the country or the world.

The people who found them shared how much joy their discovery brought them:

“I just wanted to write you a note to tell you that I picked up your ‘Free Art’ in Fairhope Park on my last day of my stay with Snowbird (January and February) in Orange Beach. While I was in Orange Beach, a dear a ‘ friend fell and broke her hip and I wanted to bring her something to recover. When I said your beautiful bowl, I knew it would touch her heart. Thank you so much for your generosity. She absolutely loved it. “

“Dear Kim, today I found a beautiful surprise, we were in Ft. Zach for my nephew’s 5th birthday party and we found this on our table, my first thought was … why is he here? Then I read the ticket and I was blown away. .. How incredibly lucky I am to have such a precious gift. You are an amazing and talented person. Thank you very much, this will be something I will pass on to my grandchildren. I wish you nothing but the best! “

“I found this amazing gem today. It makes me happy how people are so passionate about their gifts and talents that they would like to share it with the world. Thank you.”

Some people have even started looking for the pieces when Press makes an announcement of an art delivery, alerting friends and family if the drop is close to where they live. A woman who found a bowl in Boise, Idaho wrote:

“My friend follows you and today she shared your profile with our group of friends. We all followed your page and on the way home from work she called me and sent me on a fling. I cried when the I found it. Thank you very much!! Continue to continue. “

And a group in Lago Vista, Texas shared:

“Our out-of-state guests were about to take a polar dip in our pool when they saw your post and decided to go hunting for art drops instead … so exciting !!!”

Everyone who found pieces shared how much gratitude they felt in finding them.

Check out the Sailing Adrift Studios website to see where the print has left its free art so far, and follow it on Facebook and Instagram to see where the next art release will occur.

Thank you, Kim Press, for bringing joy not only to the people who happen on your artwork, but also to those of us who live indirectly through them. (I truly I need one of those bowls!)

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