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The artist Lubbock diagnosed with leukemia paints for therapy

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) – A Lubbock man is gaining worldwide attention thanks to his paintings.

Ira Davis, owner of ID Art, began painting for therapy between surgeries after he was diagnosed with leukemia. He has 16 herniated discs and two spinal implants. With limits to his mobility, he began to paint.

“I had to find something to do. I started watching videos and figured maybe it’s something I can do that won’t be too tiring for me, but it will help keep me busy, ”Davis said.

Davis paints with acrylics once a day to help himself emotionally and physically. He calls it her therapy.

“When my back hurts or something, I can do a painting and then something nice comes out and people have it in their homes. It’s a huge blessing, ”Davis said.

He has chronic leukemia, which is the same thing his mother died of 17 years ago. He says that painting of her makes him feel closer to her.

“He had his Southwestern art line, pottery, and he was doing really well,” Davis said. “I’ve always admired her for that. She was a very creative woman. “

Being a single father dealing with all of this hasn’t been easy for him, but Davis says his faith is what keeps him going.

“God gives me strength every day and makes me overcome it. We only go day to day and so far, we’ve done really well, ”Davis said.

The physical pain she feels isn’t getting any easier either. Davis has two spinal stimulators for pain relief, but they’re not 100%. She says she refuses to take painkillers because of his history of her.

“I ended up getting in trouble and I had to turn my life around and make my life right for my daughters because they need their dad and I’m the only one they have right now,” Davis said.

Two years after he started painting, he sold 177 paintings in total. 22 of those paintings have gone out of state and one is international.

Davis says he had a collection of 26 paintings when a client first contacted him.

“He said, ‘I’ll take them all,’ and I was like, what? ‘ I thought it was a joke and he came and owns about 40 Airbnbs. He came and bought them all, “Davis said.

While he never expected it to turn into a business, Davis says it helped financially.

“I started making them and then I sold them, and I was like, ‘Well maybe this is something I can do to help bring some extra income for me and my daughters because I’m on Social Security and I don’t get. a lot, ”Davis said.

He hopes to have a painting in every state and says he is almost halfway there.

If you want to see some of his work, he has a gallery at GlassyAlley Art. Additionally, his paintings are for sale at ID Art Creative Artworks on Facebook.

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