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The artist sues fast fashion giant Shein for $ 100 million over the “stolen” design.

An American freelance artist is suing Chinese fast fashion retailer Shein for $ 100 million ($ 143 million), alleging that the company copied his artwork without permission.

According to Sourcing Journal, Florida artist Maggie Stephenson, a freelance magazine illustrator who has 111,000 Instagram followers, has created a work called “One is Good, More is Better” which now appears on a range of products Shein sells. . Products from other brands, including Urban Outfitters who are licensed to use the design, are priced between $ 19 and $ 300.

Stephenson filed a lawsuit against Zoetop Business Co, the Hong Kong-based company operating as Shein, and Delaware, U.S.-registered Shein Distribution Corp, based in California, with four complaints regarding copyright infringement and modification or the absence of information on copyright management.

The deposit includes a comparison between his artwork and a tapestry sold by Shein which appears to feature an exact replica.

According to the court filing, Shein offers the hanging in two sizes – 30×40 and 39×60 – at prices starting at $ 4. Urban Outfitters sells the 30×40-inch reproduction for $ 89.

The deposit includes this comparison between his artwork and a tapestry sold by Shein.

Stephenson’s filing claims that by using Shein’s name and logo on the product packaging, Shein added “false” copyright management information.

“In doing so, the defendants not only falsely identify Shein as the author and copyright owner of the original elements of the illicit work, but the defendants also falsely imply that they are the author and copyright owner of the work of art. original art, “added the repository, as quoted by Supply diary.

The case is not the first against Shein for alleged copyright infringement. Levi Strauss filed a lawsuit in 2018 which was settled out of court. Other brands to sue include Dr Martens and Stussy. Stephenson’s complaint alleges that more than 30 separate actions for alleged infringement or unfair competition have been filed against Shein and Shein Distribution Corp in the Central District of California.

He also recounted accounts from four other artists who discovered their artwork had been used on products Shein sold online.

This article was first published by Internal retail.

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