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The Cultural Arts Commission listens to updates on the Solstice Canyon Creek project • The Malibu Times

The Cultural Arts Commission met virtually on July 26 and received a presentation from Caltrans for his proposal for the Solstice Canyon Creek beautification project.

The commission also elected the president and vice-president. Current president Lotte Cherin has remained president and former vice president Julia Holland has given her place to Fireball Commissioner Tim Lawrence.

Deputy Director of Community Service Kristin Riesgo provided an update on the 2022 Anthology of Poetry and Art, the 2022-23 planning seminar schedules, and an update on the recent “Art of Surf” exhibit at Malibu City Hall. The art exhibition is open until August 31st.

The commission was given a presentation by Caltrans for the Solstice Canyon Creek beautification project. At their last meeting on May 24, commissioners raised questions about the facility and whether Caltrans considered flooding and erosion for the project.

The commission will determine and approve the criteria for the artwork and determine a method for selecting an artist.

Community Service Director Jesse Bobbett provided an update on the project and said the tunnel, once built, will be square rather than circular.

“Their hope for us is that we can provide them with a recommendation as to what would go there, whether it be a call to an artist or a [someone] the commission is aware, “he said.

Bobbett said they would have to get the artwork and artist approved by the city council and complete it by June 2023. The bridge and artwork would be completed by 2026.

Caltrans rep, Hammer Sui, said the budget for the artwork is $ 225,000 and would not include maintenance. At the city council meeting on February 14, Sui said the city would need to keep the artwork and recommended using a coat of preventive spray.

“The maintenance cost, which is mostly graffiti, is [using] a layer of prevention spray, “Sui said.”[Costs] maybe two or three dollars per square foot of the whole layer, it would last a couple of years.

Lawrence recommended Topanga Tiles artist Matt Doolin to create the artwork; however Cherin said they should send a call to potential artists.

Doolin provided recommendations and suggestions, but said he would be interested in participating in the project.

“Even if it’s a consulting base, I’d love to be a part of it,” Doolin said. “I think there is a lot of potential here and I would be happy to be involved in different ways.”

Sui said the proposed timeline includes a cooperation agreement by 31 October.

The commissioners asked to invite the artists and hold a provisional meeting before the October deadline.

The commissioners were unable to discuss the Malibu Arts Budget, Malibu Arts Center, and City Gallery Exhibition schedule for fiscal year 2022-2023.

The next meeting of the Cultural Arts Commission is scheduled for 23 August.

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