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The Femmes Stage 6: It sucks to be a breakaway artist

Every July, the CyclingTips Podcast goes every day and comes straight to your ears from the ground in France (or Denmark, so to speak).

Welcome to your Tour Daily hub during the 2022 Tour de France. We will have an episode of the Tour Daily at each stage of the Tour de France and Tour de France Femmes with Zwift. You can play each episode from this page or subscribe iTunes, Spotify, Google, or wherever you have your podcasts or wherever you have your podcasts.

The Femmes Stage 6: It sucks to be a breakaway artist

Abby and Alison Jackson talk about stage 6 of the Tour de France Femmes with Zwift and lament the fall of a perfect escape. Matt and Amy were down on the final circuits.

Also, listen to our runners in the group; Audrey Cordon-Ragot who represented Trek-Segafredo in the day’s escape, Veronica Ewers from EF Education-Tibco-SVB and the Uno-X duo: Julie Leth and Anne Dorthe Ysland.

The Femmes Stage 5: how do you beat the unbeatable?

It was a day for the sprinters at the Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift. Abby and Loren are joined by Alison Jackson to watch the scene finale as Amy and Matt report from the ground.

The post-race reactions of our riders in the Veronica Ewers group (EF Education-Tibco-SVB), Anne Dorthe Ysland and Julie Leth (Uno-X).

The Femmes Phase 4: Wasted and Grasped Opportunities

The gravel of stage 4 may have been more than the group expected, but it didn’t force many changes in the overall standings. Another surprise winner exploited the chaos.

Hear Audrey Cordon-Ragot of Trek-Segafredo before the morning of the stage and Julie Leth (Uno-X) and Veronica Ewers (EF Education-Tibco-SVB) after the race.

The Femmes Phase 3: Magnificent!

Abby and Loren are joined by Liv Xstra’s Alison Jackson to watch the Phase 3 finale. Matt and Amy have had some adventures on the pitch and Veronica Ewers (EF Education-Tibco-SVB) and Julie Leth (Uno-X) check. -in after the stage.

The Femmes Stage 2: Crash, cross winds and the GOAT

Phase 2 got us all back on our feet, and not always for very good reasons. What otherwise would have been an incredible stage was marked by some bad accidents.

Julie Leth from Uno-X and Veronica Ewers from EF Education-Tibco-SVB check in after the internship.

Phase 21 / Phase 1: This is just the beginning

With the men’s race over and dusted off, Caley and the crew hand over the microphone to Amy Jones and Matt de Neef on the ground at the Tour de France Femmes with Zwift. The women’s competition started where the men’s one ended; on the iconic Champs Élysées.

Hear audio journals from French Trek-Segafredo champion Audrey Cordon-Ragot, Danish legend Julie Leth from Uno-X and American Veronica Ewers from EF Education-Tibco-SVB.

Phase 20: TT and a fascinating press conference

The last time trial of the Tour de France, is now in Paris.

Phase 19: Vinny Go Go

A sprint stage that was not, a very distracted train in search of the Mona Lisa.

Phase 18: The Hautacam

Crash, chases, waits. It was a crazy day in the Pyrenees.

Step 17: Go, go, gondola

The second of the three stages in the Pyrenees, a series of attacks and a dinner in Tarbes.

Phase 16: in the Pyrenees

Pogačar cannot escape, Vingegaard will not be abandoned and we have two huge days in the Pyrenees to come.

Second day of rest: Under the bridge

The air is hot, the ride is excellent and Jonny, Iain and Caley come to you from under a bridge in Carcassonne.

Stage 15: Jumbo has fallen

A hot and tough stage for Carcassonne with some screams, a Bernie cameo and a worthy winner.

Step 14: Mende to work

A crazy start, a tactic in the general classification that takes us back decades, and winning over desire. Jonny, Caley and Iain discuss the day and bring Peter Cossins for a historical perspective.

Stage 13: slush in Saint-Étienne

Fred Wright’s Escape, Heat, and Miss.

Stage 12: Whippersnappers on the Alpe d’Huez

A mix of old and new characters defined the last big day in the Alps. Pippa York joins Jonny, Iain and Caley (plus a special guest) to talk about everything.

Phase 11: The new king of France

One of the best and most impactful stages of the Tour de France in a decade. We analyze it and bring you the scene from the top of the Galibier.

Stage 10: Bribes in Megève

Magnus Cort shrugged off a week of escaping, Caleb Ewan looked pretty sad, and the men gasp.

Day off: Turf de France

An episode dedicated to the adjacent Tour de France.

Step 9: Welcome to the jungle

A mountain stage and an escape, plus COVID tests for everyone. Jonny, Ronan and Caley are joined by Pippa York to talk about everything.

Step 8: Wright said Fred

A doomed escape, a father in the team car and another dominant performance.

Phase 7: The Super Planche

In today’s episode, Jonny checks in from a motorcycle in the middle of the Tour de France, then the crew sits down to discuss their first arrival at the top of the mountain. Is Jumbo put together as we thought? Is Ineos the best hope of trying something wild to unseat Pogačar?

Step 6: Your man on the Tour

It was a day in which Wout van Aert and Tadej Pogacar took turns dominating the entire field of the Tour de France. Ronan, Jonny and Caley talk on stage, plus Alberto Bettiol, La Planche and your man with the near miss.

Phase 5: Jumbo messed that up

It was a wild day on the cobblestones of northern France. Jonny, Ronan, and Caley take down Pogačar’s domain, Jumbo-Visma’s strange response to a relatively normal problem, and delve into why Nairo Quintana is so good on cobblestones.

Step 4: Will you wait?

Wout van Aert decided the best way to finish his run of runners-up was to sprint against himself on Tuesday. Jonny and Ronan are joined by Caley, fresh off the plane, to talk about a thrilling finale and look forward to Wednesday’s cobblestone stage.

Phase 3: Forward to France

Another sprint, another winner. The crew sits down after the last Danish stage to talk about a fast but extraordinarily safe opening of the Tour de France.

Phase 2: two for two

Fabio Jakobsen scored two out of two for Quick-Step, crowning a thrilling and incredible comeback from his terrible crash in Poland. Jonny, Ronan, Shoddy and Pippa talk across the stage.

Stage 1: Only the son of a farmer in yellow

“Now I’ve beaten all the best runners in the world, I’m just the son of a Belgian farmer, huh?”

Yves Lampaert stunned the big favorites by taking the first yellow jersey of the Tour de France 2022. Shoddy, Ronan and Jonny sit in front of a Danish pizza to talk about the splendid race and what will happen in the next stages.

Eve of the Tour de France

Shoddy, Jonny and Ronan are joined by Philippa York on the eve of the first stage of the Tour de France to talk about the overall contenders, the atmosphere in Copenhagen, the first time trial and much more.

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