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The Harvest-themed painting contest attracts 160 entries


A unique kind of “revolution” attended by young visual artists from local governments of the Second District took center stage in the city of Cadiz with none other than Mayor Salvador Escalate Jr. and the LGU funding art competitions to provide visibility and hone the skills of promising talents.

At the end of last week, Earl Von Salcedo, a 22-year-old freelance visual artist, earned the distinction of distinguished judges that included famed artist Charlie Co and Tristam Miravalles, Cezar Arro and Hill Benitez, for his surreal work in acrylic on canvas, titled, “The Dreamy Rice Fields”, which won for him P40,000 first prize, a trophy and a certificate.

A total of 160 artists from Cadiz, Sagay and Manapla, aged 18 and over, entered the CaSaMa Second District Painting Competition 2022 anchored to the “Harvest” theme.

The event was one of the highlights of the city’s Charter Day celebration culminating on July 4 with the inauguration on Monday of newly elected officials led by Escalante.

Salcedo, who holds a BA in visual graphic design and animation from Cedar College, hopes to someday become a professional animator.

He is a veteran in local art competitions during the pre-pandemic period, participated in online events during the onset of the COVID crisis, where he won numerous major awards.

Salcedo said his 20×24-inch work depicts a scene in a dream that contains different characters

The woman represents the ethnic tribe whose members collect fruit and vegetables and come down from the highlands to sell their produce in the city.

Farmers, on an empty stomach, strive to harvest grains of rice to provide for their families and the education of their children.

Audience appreciating competition entries *

The children who, instead of playing, became fishermen at a young age to support their studies and needs.

“We all have different times, different battles and different paths to choose from. We may have lived through the darkest moments of our lives, but we should see them with a positive side. We all chase our dreams and hope for a good harvest and a brighter tomorrow, “said Salcedo.

In second place was Reynald Esperancilla, who takes home a trophy and P30,000 awarded by Escalante, the jury and other city officials.

Organizing the competition was the founder of the Hibalag Group of Artists JR Ledesma.

Rounding out the Top 5 were Mae Ann Barcenilla, third; Santiago Onatin, fourth, and Allen Descalsota, fifth, who each received P25,000, P20,000 and P15,000 respectively.

The sixth to tenth finalists, each awarded £ 10,000 each, were Mark Kineth Casindac, John Quincy Hervias, Joven Dionaldo, Rusty Quiachon and July Ladra.

Escalante also chose 20 other voices called Mayor’s Choice.

Each received P5,000 in cash as a consolation prize.

For famous Bacolod artist Charlie Co, it was difficult to judge fellow artists, especially since there had been many outstanding submissions.

He also praised the initiative of the LGU in Cadiz and Escalante’s support for promising talent, adding that he hopes other local Negros Occidental CEOs will do the same.

Constant exposure, he continued, is important in further honing the skills of local artists, taking them to art museums, galleries, interacting with their peers, attending workshops and conferences, and participating regularly in competitions.

Co said he shared similar advice with the mayor of the city of Cadiz, who promised to implement workable suggestions even though he revealed that second district representative Alfredo Marañon III had initially told him to take local artists on exhibition trips. *

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