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The local artist from Métis stole beads from the Canada Post mailbox in Winnipeg

Local Métis pearler Jessie Pruden, known as Bead ‘n Butter, is emotional on the phone when she talks about how she found out that several packages of her handmade earrings were stolen from a Canada Post mailbox earlier in the week. this week.

On Wednesday night, Pruden received an email from a man who found eight padded envelopes near his garage that had been torn open. The beaded earrings that Pruden took days to make were gone.

When the initial shock subsided, she was devastated.

“A lot of these pieces were really special and really beautiful. I just got into the flat point, which is a really slow and very intentional practice,” Pruden said through tears.

A total of 13 parcels of Pruden beads were stolen from this mailbox on the corner of Balmoral Street and Spence Street. (Posted by Jessie Pruden)

In total, 13 packages were missing, with contents worth a total of $ 1,845.

Pruden lives with a disability that makes walking or driving to a post office difficult, so her brother, who lives on West Broadway, left the packages in a Canada Post mailbox on the corner of Spence Street and Balmoral Street.

The man who contacted Pruden did not know her, but he found her contact information on the packages. He had looked around to see if the earrings had been discarded somewhere, but he hadn’t had any luck.

“People are struggling to survive right now. I understand that. It’s just hard to reconcile when I’m not a wealthy person myself in any way,” she said.

Pruden learned beading on her own at the start of the pandemic while taking virtual classes at the University of Winnipeg.

What started with a beginner bead kit and a desire to connect with her Métis roots quickly became a constant source of income for her, amassing a social media following of over 20,000.

“I just want people to feel good. It’s something that makes everyone feel good, including me.”

Will refund shipping costs: Canada Post

Although Pruden has insurance for its packages, it only covers up to $ 100 and many of its pieces cost more.

When she contacted Canada Post to recover some of the costs, she was told it might not be covered by insurance, because the packages had not yet been picked up by a courier. The company told Pruden it would reimburse her for the shipping costs.

It took three days to make these flat stitch cherry earrings. (Posted by Jessie Pruden)

Canada Post confirmed that its mailbox on the corner of Balmoral and Spence was overturned between August 10 and 11 and they were still in contact with Pruden to resolve the matter.

“This is an unfortunate situation and we regret the experience of our customers,” a spokesperson said in an emailed statement.

Pruden contacted his customers and warned them of the thefts.

“They’ve all been so wonderful. The outpouring of love has been truly amazing on Instagram and from these people,” she said.

He will work to recreate their orders. The hardest will be the cherry flat stitch earrings, which took three days to make.

From now on, Pruden says he will pay extra to have Canada Post pick up his packages, rather than put them in mailboxes.

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