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The trial for a pecuniary profiteer transformed into a money scammer looms

A Beaumont-based precious metals trader and owner of Gold Pro LLC, indicted for stealing $ 247,822 in coins and customer payments, told Judge Raquel West on June 20 that he wants his three cases to be tried.

With a website purporting to represent “The Trusted Name in Precious Metals,” shoppers might expect Gold Pro CEO Michael James White, 33, to run an honest operation at his 11th Street store. However, three criminal theft indictments in 2021 and more than a dozen complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​offer claims to the contrary.

In September 2021, a Jefferson County grand jury indicted White for three incidents with varying degrees of legal gravity, from a state jail criminal theft to a second-degree criminal theft.

Coins months against

According to Detective D. Doucet of the Beaumont Police Department (BPD), who detailed White’s alleged crime in a series of affidavits of probable causes, White’s scammers took months before victims finally contacted authorities. .

According to an affidavit of probable cause concerning the first of White’s indictment fraud in 2021, the alleged coin connoisseur allegedly stole nearly $ 40,000 from a customer.

On January 22, 2021, a customer transferred $ 39,314 to White to purchase 20 one-ounce American eagle coins. However, instead of sending the aforementioned coins to this customer, White would send the man several fake gold bars six days later. Five months later, in June 2021, the victim sent White a 10-day request letter in an attempt to be reimbursed.

“As of August 11, 2021, White had not complied with the refund request, nor had he shipped (the victim) the goods,” Detective Doucet wrote. “White illegally appropriated $ 39,314.21 from (the victim) by not sending him the gold coins he paid for, and did so with the intent of depriving (the victim) of his cash property. “.

According to another affidavit of probable cause detailing White’s alleged transgressions, a customer transferred $ 197,750 to White in an unsuccessful attempt to purchase 100 ounces of gold eagle coins and 100 ounces of gold coins. buffalo from the Beaumont business on June 2, 2021. More than two weeks after White failed to deliver the promised products to the pecuniary buyer, the customer sent a 10-day request letter to recover payment.

By July 20, 2021, White had not responded to the customer’s refund request, nor had he responded to his numerous calls. According to Detective Doucet, “White illegally appropriated $ 197,750 from (the victim) by not sending him the gold coins he paid for and did so with the intent of depriving (the victim) of ownership of his cash. White did not have the actual consent of the (victim) to keep his cash without providing the gold coins he had purchased. “

A complaint filed with the BBB reads: “I bought $ 197,750 in gold … on June 3, 2021. (White) received the money on June 3, 2021. (White) will not answer the phone or call me in return.”

Completing White’s hat trick of 2021 precious metal ploys, a third affidavit of probable cause describes another theft he allegedly committed on June 24, 2021. According to this victim, the man sent White half a dozen South African Krugerrands, which are gold coins. The victim told agents that her and White’s deal was that the owner of Gold Pro would pay the customer $ 10,758 within 72 hours of receiving the package.

After several attempts to raise the money in nearly a month, the victim sent a 10-day request letter to White. According to Detective Doucet, “As of July 12, 2021, Michael has not complied with the request to return the coins, nor has he paid the agreed price for the coins.

“Michael White illegally appropriated the six gold coins (worth $ 10,758) from (the victim) by not paying for them after receiving them, and he did so with the intent to deprive (the victim) of ownership of his coins. “.

A bevy of BBB complaints

BBB’s file for Gold Pro LLC contains a complaints scheme in which consumers state delivery, refund, customer service and service issues, according to information from 110-year-old market supervisors.

“In particular, consumers claim they paid in full for products that were not received or delivered in a timely manner, the company’s inability to provide tracking numbers for promised packages, and failure to meet promised refunds.” reads in a BBB statement regarding Gold Pro. “Additionally, customers say the company did not answer their calls, the removal of the company’s website and the discovery of a new company name and website with the same phone number as the company.

“BBB contacted the company in May 2020 asking that it address the complaints model and propose a method to remove the model from continuation. To date, BBB has not received a response from the company. “

More than a dozen complaints about Gold Pro LLC posted on BBB’s website list hundreds of thousands of dollars of alleged stolen funds or coins dating back to 2019, just a year after the business existed.

As White awaited the date of his trial for allegedly committed crimes in 2021, a dissatisfied customer said this about the company on May 4: “To BBB, on GoldPro LLC, at this point, I would say FRAUD! Theft of $ 24,300 willful deception and deception. , the deception was (White) lying about his wife’s death: having to play mom with her three children, have my complaint retracted to the BBB, or have the BBB lie to the BBB that I received my package At first I was easily fooled. Now, I no longer believe anything he says after reading all the other complaints! It’s pretty clear, there’s a definite pattern here. “

According to information from the Gold Pro website, White has been in the precious metals industry since he graduated from Lamar University, where he majored in US history while earning a minor in finance.

“We continually strive to keep up with the competition, earn your business and ultimately keep it,” reads a company statement. “Gold Pro is located 50 miles NE of Houston in Vidor, Texas and deals with many other wholesale companies to be able to ship from multiple locations across the country for the smoothest transaction process to be found anywhere. . “

According to information from the district attorney’s office, White has his case ready for trial in October.

This represents the first part of The Examiner’s series of stories on criminal matters surrounding Gold Pro LLC.

Those who have suffered losses or who have been victims of White’s affairs can contact The Examiner at (409) 832-1400 or the BBB at (409) 835-5348.

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