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“They’re dreaming!” The Tesla Demo is reportedly offering the car at a higher price than the new one

It is reportedly difficult to hold Tesla in Australia, with EV manufacturers reportedly trying to sell demo models at a higher price than new ones.

In a strange twist of events we’ve heard so far, one customer on the waiting list for the 2022 Tesla Model 3 says the demo has been awarded for more than just paying for their new car.

The wait times for new Tesla cars currently sit for at least eight months for the new Model 3 or Model Y.

Tesla cars have been delayed due to Covid lockdowns in China, and other brands’ EVs have been downgraded by the previous coalition government to a decade of anti-EV sentiment, as used car values ​​for Model 3s have been dubbed. “Stunning Failure of Policy.”

Customers, who declined to be named, said they received a call from Tesla offering the demo vehicle, saying they could receive it instantly despite having 1,300km on the clock.

However, Tesla was offering a price tag higher than what they would receive in August.

“Today’s a funny story,” he said at the online owner’s forum.

“Tesla called me and said if I wanted to take it, the demo Model 3 would be available soon. It already had about 1,300km on it. So I asked if it was for sale at a slight discount because it was not new.

“No, and it’s more expensive than our order because prices have gone up again so we can get a brand new car for more than I can pay for!” She wrote.

The answer is a firm thank you, but no thanks.

“I politely thanked them. I don’t think so but ‘They’re dreaming!’

The Consumer Purchase Agreement seen by The Driven shows the paying price of $ 59,900 before the on-road costs for its new car. She lives in ACT with a generous incentive to buy EVs, including no stamp duty and two years of free registration, which means her driveway price is just $ 64,000.

This includes $ 1,500 for optional blue metallic paint, plus $ 1,375 delivery free, $ 350 order fee, $ 5,738.64 GST, $ 428 CTP, and $ 192 registration costs. Relevant fees, fees or charges remain, such as the annual cost of motor accident injuries insurance.

Customers say they have been told that the demo vehicle is showing, although Tesla’s website is unable to confirm the driver price for the Demo Model 3 (local manufacturers of EV manufacturers seem to be selling them as fast as possible on the phone). Increased to current price. “

Customers said she was offered the same configuration she had pre-ordered, including Metallic Blue Paint.

Tesla prices rose for the third time in 2022 only last Friday – a week after the Model Y went on sale.

Model 3 is currently available in three variants: RWD, Long Range and Performance. The most affordable price is currently $ 65,500 before on-roads, the long range is $ 80,000 and the performance is $ 91,600.

Purchasing the new RWD Model 3 at ACT now places the driveway price at $ 67,855.

Many fellow forum members had a firm agreement with the customer, while others thought she would have a chance to get a Model 3.

That demo car was made before prices went up, ”said one commenter.

Two weeks driving vs twelve week wait. I know what I choose. Especially if I have an ice car”Another responded.

Some said she had to buy and sell it.

One said, “Do you know that 2nd models sell more klms than brand new ones? I’d love to have your chance. I pay a few grand to deliver my car today with 1200klms rather than waiting a year,” one said.

Buy a damn car and turn it around instead of complaining, someone will buy more than you ask for, ”added another.

Customers say she’ll be more than happy to wait a while after ordering her in January, when the Tesla Model 3 price is at its lowest point.

“My Model 3 will arrive in August to November after the January order. I have been waiting for this day for some time for a brand new car at the lowest price available, ”he wrote.

“I think it’s unreasonable to give a used car some kind of incentive. So I decided to wait for my new one.”

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