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This barbecue chain is slashing prices on its most popular menu items — don’t eat it

With restaurants adjusting prices over the past year in line with inflation, meaningful price cuts are currently few and far between.

That’s why one barbecue chain’s move to lower prices stands out in the fast-casual industry. Hoping to give customers better value for their money, East Coast brand Mighty Quince is offering discounts of around 9% on two of its most popular menu items.

And don’t miss two steakhouse brands on America’s Best Dine-In Chains, a new data shows.

Cuts are applied along the sides to the meat patterns of the Mighty Quinn. For example, the popular 2-meat sampler with brisket will be reduced from about $20 to $18 — and overall, the price cut cuts the inflation-related increase in half.

Like other chains, Mighty Queen’s had to raise its menu prices in early 2022 in response to 40-year-high inflation. But with the cost of meat products starting to level off, the chain wants to pass the savings on to customers.

With locations in New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Florida, the chain hopes to differentiate itself from the fast-casual crowd with price cuts.

“Sometimes in this hyperinflationary environment, companies use it as cover to raise prices because everyone else is doing it,” said CEO Micha Magid. Restaurant business. “That can’t go on forever. We wanted to take the position that we’re not going to participate in this part of the cycle.”

The strategy seems to be paying off as Magid reports an increase in customer traffic after a 9% decline. Competitors in the fast-casual space have taken similar approaches following the recent deflation of some consumer goods.

Wingstop indicated last month it was considering passing the savings on to customers, and burger chain Red Robin made a splash Monday with its new $10 meal deal (which includes unlimited fries and drink refills).

Mighty Quince may have additional price drops, but for now, the chain is still keeping an eye on the market and hoping customers will find their current prices to be just right.

Owen Duff

Owen Duff is a freelance journalist based in Vermont, home of Ben and Jerry’s. Read more

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