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This is a boring week for Bitcoin and Ethereum prices. Don’t expect that it will remain like that

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Bitcoin and Ethereum have recently been boring.

15% daily swings in the crypto market are the norm, prices have not moved much in the last few days, Bitcoin holds steadily in the range of $ 19,000 to $ 20,000, and the etherium floats about $ 1,100. Two large cryptocurrencies are hovering around their current price levels without a clear direction.

“At this point, at this point, the last major bull market in $ 19,000 to $ 20,000 is simply the earliest maximum, says CFA and FrNT Financial founder Stephen Aullet, which is a corporate capital markets and advisory platform that focused on digital assets. In other words, it is difficult to imagine what happens and when. “Bitcoin and Ethereum Futures curves are completely flat, which indicates that the market is completely uncertain about the future direction,” he says.

Still, the crypto market remains under intense pressure, with another decline. According to Edward Moya, a senior market analyst at Oanda, Brokerage, it depends on how low the bitcoin is in the coming weeks or months.

“Most of the Berish crypto headlines continue to pull the bitcoin below the major technical level. Especially after many expected crypto deals are broken, Moya says,” Moya says, “The Krypto Exchange Etoro SPAC is quoted, but many of the contract to go public through the Krypto Exchange Etoro SPAC. Troubled companies are struggling for deals.

What’s going on in crypto prices and what does it mean for investors?

Bitcoin has increased by about 2.5% in the last 24 hours on Wednesday, trading near $ 20,000. Ethereum’s price is stable near $ 1,100, increasing by 3% in the last 24 hours. Experts say that although the two big cryptoes experienced minor recurrence on the last day, we have not yet come out of the risk zone.

Experts speculate that the prices of the crypto may be even lower than Bitcoin and Ethereum have lost their value since last November, and the price of Bitcoin has been reduced by several times in recent weeks. On top of that, investors are still experiencing uncertainty of current economic conditions such as increasing inflation, potential recession in the US, increasing interest rates and shaking stock market.

“Bitcoin has been caught in its current business due to market participants,” says Joshua Fernando, CEO of Ecarbon. “In the last few months they have seen wild fluctuations that have destroyed the market, so it’s reasonable that they are now trading carefully.”

Martin Haisbock, the head of Blockchain and Crypto Research in the uphold, says Bitcoin is not moving above or below $ 20,000 due to “lack of impulses”.

“There is no doubt that the market is waiting for less tension in outdoor economic news and geographical political issues – the war in Ukraine, the fear of inflation in Ukraine, and the potential recession are the biggest worry,” he says.

So, what should crypto investors do in the light of this? Nothing, experts say. If you have invested in a crypto for a long time using a buying and holding technique, expecting price fluctuations and no need to worry about big crashes.

Experts recommend that your cryptocurrency investments are less than 5% of your portfolio until your other financial goals are not disrupted. Always prioritize to save for emergency before investing in crypto, pay a high-interest loan and contribute to the traditional retirement plan. If you are financially good and ready to access the market, experts say it is a good time to buy bitcoin or etherium when prices are low, keeping in mind that prices can collapse.

Fernando says, “Perhaps like equities, investors have gone a little farther in the ‘2021’ mania. ‘

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