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Top GOP pollster says Trump is paying the price – despite the Republicans – for the Jan. 6 hearings revealed

Donald Trump spoke at a rally in Wyoming

Former President Donald Trump has held a public hearing on the Jan. 6 committee’s public hearings.Chet Strange / Getty Images

  • Frank Luntz, GOP pollster, told CNN that Trump was “paying the price” at the Jan. 6 hearings.

  • He said Trump “can send his emails,” but they have “less and less influence.”

  • Luntz commented on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, calling him “more than a threat” to Trump.

Conservative pollster Frank Luntz said this week that former President Donald Trump’s popularity was thought to be hampered by a public hearing on the Jan. 6 capital riot.

Speaking on CNN’s New Day program, Luntz said the panel was “very” focused on politicians but commented that the proceedings were still hurting Trump.

“Donald Trump is actually paying the price for what these hearings are showing, so it’s also affecting Republicans,” Luntz said.

He commented that the public hearings did not provide enough visual material for the actual riot.

“And in the end, the American people respond to the scenes, not just verbal, not just dialogue, and those scenes proved to them that something really awful happened on January 6,” he said.

Lundz told CNN that a vote in New Hampshire showed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was ahead of Trump in the state.

“Ron DeSantis is actually ahead of Donald Trump in the most credible poll. .

When asked how DeSantis might work in 2024, Lundz told CNN that the Florida governor is now “more than a threat” to Trump. Luntz highlighted that DeSantis was proving himself and giving Republicans the opportunity to say, “It’s time to move on” by Trump.

“Make no mistake, Donald Trump is a very popular political figure within the Republican Party, but now there’s a certain challenger,” Luntz said. “And Trump can shout and scream and send his emails. I’m on his list and they’re all emotional, and they all intend to blow things up, but they have less and less impact on every single month.”

Luntz has openly criticized Trump on several occasions. For example, in May last year, Trump’s unfounded claims of voter fraud could lose the GOP House in 2022, Luntz said. In April, Republican lawmakers privately “laugh” at Trump because they think he is one. “Child.”

Meanwhile, Trump has protested against the committee’s public hearings on Jan. 6, demanded equal coverage on national TV and released a 12-page statement and continued his unfounded claims of voter fraud.

Read the original article in Business Insider

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