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TV Q&A: Getting it right on ‘The Price Right’ | entertainment

You have questions. I have some answers.

Question: I noticed that “The Price is Right” is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Yet I have watched black-and-white reruns of the show hosted by Bill Cullen since the 1960s. Are they not counting these? It’s the same thing, just older.

A: According to “The Encyclopedia of TV Game Shows,” “The Price is Right” premiered in its original form in 1956 and continued in various network and syndicated versions until 1964; Bill Cullen was the most famous host of the period. The show did not go off the air until 1972, when a revised version began airing on CBS (hosted by Bob Barker for the next 35 years) and in syndication. Syndicated versions came and went in the following years, but the CBS version has been on the air continuously for over 50 years, with Drew Carey as the current host. That’s the reasoning behind CBS’s 50th anniversary.

Question: We watched the first episode of “Bird in Barstow” a few weeks ago. What happened to the second episode? A second episode of the show usually follows shortly after. Can you explain the second episode delay? Where and how can I see it? I hate hanging. It was a great show.

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A: The movie “Buried in Barstow” starring Angie Harmon as a former hit woman dragged back into her old life, definitely shocked a lot of readers when it ended with a set of cliff hangers and a “moving on” note. But this is not the first episode of the weekly TV series; Instead, Lifetime called it the “first installment” of a series of films months ago. There will be at least one more movie a little down the road.

Question: Will Linda Hunt’s character “Hetty” ever return to “NCIS: Los Angeles”? I know she’s not young and she had some kind of accident a couple of years ago, but she’s been such a central character to the show that it would be a huge shame if she didn’t come back.

A: “Her story will continue” in the upcoming season, “NCIS: Los Angeles” showrunner Scott R. Gemmill recently told To be sure, Hetty has had an on-and-off run on the show due to the injuries Hunt suffered in an auto accident in 2018 and the COVID-related precautions taken with the 77-year-old Hunt. But Hetty had mysteriously disappeared. In the latest, 13th season, Gemmill said he will return for 14th this fall. He added: “We kind of pit her against Callen (Chris O’Donnell) a little bit in terms of what she went through as a child, so that’s something we’re really excited to explore and enjoy. … It’s probably the final stage and a real reckoning with his mother figure, in this case Hetty.”

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