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Wall Street Rides FAR Team of the Week: T. Rowe Price

For the team at T. Rowe Price, making the decision to host a satellite ride for Baltimore Rides FAR (for Autism Research) last year at their Owings Mills, MD, campus was a no-brainer. The investment empowered the organization to give back to its local community and go the extra mile by hosting the 2021 event, raising awareness for autism spectrum disorder and the life-changing scientific research enabled by the Autism Science Foundation (ASF).

The inaugural Baltimore-area raid was successful in activating the T. Rowe Price team. Coming together in beautiful fall weather for a bike ride on their home turf showed the team how important the power of teamwork and passion is when advocating for a good cause.

For T. Rowe Vice President and Head of Global Trading at Price and Rydes FAR Board Member Mark Watt, the cause hits close to home. Through his involvement with the autistic community in Baltimore, Mark witnessed a variety of organizations supporting families affected by autism. As his family benefited from these wonderful institutions, Mark decided to pay it forward. When he found out about Wall Street Rides FAR, an event that has combined his career with a cause he’s been passionate about for years, he jumped at the chance to get fully involved.

“Mark is very passionate about this event [and] Autism awareness, and his enthusiasm is contagious. They were able to bring together a small and energetic team for the first time … and we learned right away that there is strength in both numbers and passion,” said Jonette Johnson, AVP and associate engagement manager for the firm.

Looking ahead to the 2022 Baltimore Rides FAR event, T. The team at Rowe Price is excited for the opportunity to further establish the ride and increase their participation. Increased support has enabled the team to refine their route, allowing participants to bike as little or as much as they like, appealing to keen cyclists and families.

For T. Rowe Price, however, his support for autism doesn’t stop at Rides FAR.

“There’s a passionate group within T. Rowe Price that has created a working group of neurodiversity teams to try to see if we can create opportunities for those on the spectrum because they bring some unique strengths to the table,” Wyatt said.

Engaging the greater Baltimore population is also important to T. Rowe Price. Several autism research organizations are pillars in the community, and hosting the Baltimore Rides FAR event shines a spotlight on individuals who have impacted the lives of those with autism. The event serves as a unique and fun opportunity to bring together diverse members of the Baltimore community who share a common goal.

Source: Wall Street Rides FAR

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