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What is a Valorant Crossover Event Pass? Here’s how to get it

Countdown to Episode 5 has begun, giving players more reasons to be excited about this particular action. Riot has introduced a new crossover event for Valorant, which means more gift items!

The new valentine episodes aren’t exactly a picnic for players. Competitive players usually sweat bullets at the beginning of each issue due to range reset, which is a roll of dice. However, the new act brings a ton of exciting things. Crossover pass players look forward to something positive after the cutthroat ranking periods.

Wright has introduced Valorant’s first-of-its-kind event at Crossover Pass. Using this pass, players can earn items for free.

How Does the Valorant Crossover Event Pass Work?

The Valorant crossover event pass is available for free. It starts on June 22nd and runs until July 12th. Players can unlock cosmetics and cards by playing games.

The new action-packed cinematic Reyna, Killjoy and Neon step into the comic book store in Pearl, a wonderful utopia. Many instantly fell in love with the agent’s cutouts and posters in the store, so Riot made them available in the game. The latest crossover event pass is likely to inspire underwater city dwellers to admire the adorable Omega Earth agents.

What is a Valorant Crossover Event Pass?

The Valerant Crossover Pass lasts three weeks and has plenty of items, including player cards, titles and more.

Players can unlock Seven steps to get all the items by playing the game for three weeks. The pass includes two titles: Dimensional and Double Agent. This introduces a new way to earn some extra radionite points.

The free event will reward players with up to 20 points for upgrading their weapons. However, player cards are definitely a show-stealer. The three player cards consist of the following agents.

  • Shadow Walker – omen
  • Friendly fire – Kiljoy and Rage
  • Valeant Legion – Cypher, Brimstone, Viper, Omen and Kiljoy

All of this can be obtained for free in the first weeks of the act. Therefore, players may want to hurry up and reactivate their valet accounts to handle the prizes. Since this is a limited time event, it is worth getting these cards as they will not be available again.

What’s new in episode 5 of Valorant?

Valerant Episode 5 brings a new ranking season and battle pass along with the new Map Pearl. The most significant change is the new range badge, called the Ascendant, which divides skilled players into different brackets.

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