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Where to buy the Karl Kani x Stranger Things clothing collection? Pricing and more details are explored

The fourth season of the critically acclaimed show Stranger Things recently released its much awaited season finale. To mark the occasion, American designer Carl Kani teamed up with the series and launched a vast clothing collection.

Featuring 31 styles and designs, the collection was created as part of a celebration for the 1980s inspired Supernatural series and features trendy pieces that are completely nostalgic and infused with otherworldly elements.

complete Stranger Things x Karl Kani collection is currently available online through SNIPES and Zalando’s e-commerce websites and retails for a price range between $15 to $146 (ie approximately 14€ to 139.95€).

Gen-Y, inspired by Karl Kony x Stranger Things Introduced a wide range of head-to-toe looks

Some of the releases from the Karl Kani x Stranger Things collab (Image via Instagram/@karlkaniclothing)
Some of the releases from the Karl Kani x Stranger Things collab (Image via Instagram/@karlkaniclothing)

Karl Kony flawlessly presented the latest range, featuring magically influenced dresses with brilliantly colored floral designs and patches. Stranger Things. Gen Y-inspired styles have led to the creation of some notable apparel, such as Hawaiian tees with postcard-inspired graphics, baseball-style jerseys, and floral prints.

Renowned designers have assembled these items for men and women. Additionally, multiple size options are available with which fans can easily recreate their favorite looks worn by the protagonists in the web series.

Other notable items include a green Hawkins collegiate jacket, denim-heavy ensemble with shorts and vest, as well as black shorts, olive green bottom wear and a black hoodie.

Items offered under the category: Price, Design and more

Tees and jackets are included in the collection (Image via Instagram/@karlkaniclothing)
Tees and jackets are included in the collection (Image via Instagram/@karlkaniclothing)

1) $46.96 (45€) black box tee stamped with a red devil visage on the front.

2) Solid black signature patch head sweatshirt emblazoned with “”.Stranger ThingsIn fiery letters on the chest and colorful patches on the sleeves. Each hoodie will cost you $93.91 (90€).

3) Tie Tie Military Green Tee and Signature Pinstripe Tee are labeled $41.74 (40€) each.

4) The range also offers a heavy washed print hoodie and a signature flower resort shirt, priced at $93.91 (90€) and $62.61 (60€), respectively.

5) Pinstripe baseball shirt marked down to $62.61 (60€).

6) The highest priced item in this range is the Solid Blue Woven Signature College Bomber Jacket valued at $146 (140€). It is also embroidered Stranger Things Features wording on the back, and elasticated waists and inseam pockets.

7) The bottom wear selection is Heavy Distressed Patch Relaxed Fit Jeans and Denim Shorts tagged with prices of $93.91 (90€) and $73.04 (70€).

8) The lineup also includes co-branded, monotone woven cycling shorts, small trackshorts, and patch military shorts, priced at $36.52 (35€), $52.17 (50€), and $73.04 (70€), respectively.

9) Added to the assortment is a patched A-line skirt with zipper fastenings worth $62.61 (60€). It offers a leather look and is embellished with distinctive carl connie and dice patches.

10) Printed tea dresses are also included in this range. These graphic-heavy dresses range from $36.52 (35€) to $52.17 (50€).

11) Moving on to accessories, the Signature Beach Unisex Tote Bag with “We’re Not in Hawkins” printed on the front retails for $31.30 (30€) each.

12) The Vivid Woven Signature Trucker Unisex Hat is emblazoned with series name and floral motifs typography and marked $36.52 (35€).

13) Kani added two more styles to the headgear. The first is the Woven Signature Reversible Bucket Hat for $46.96 (45€), while the other is the Retro Beret Black Hat for $41.74 (40€).

14) Lastly, $31.30 (30€) Embroidered Woven Signature Visor Light Blue Hat Stranger Things White lettering on the front.

The entire Karl Kani-designed clothing and accessories range is currently available for purchase. Take a detailed look at the items in the lineup and grab your favorite wardrobe pieces from Zalando and SNIPES.

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