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Why and how to get help with payments

Electricity bills are set to rise in New Hampshire in 2022 and consumers have the resources.

New Hampshire residents are expected to hit their electric bills for the rest of 2022. The average utility company adds more than $ 70 per month to its monthly bill, more than doubling Eversource’s supply rate.

Here’s a look at what this means for New Hampshire residents, why it’s happening and what kind of help is available in the state:

How much is my bill rising?

New Hampshire Eversource residential customers are proposed to increase their default service rate from 10.669 cents per kilowatt hour to 22.566 cents per kilowatt hour.

With this adjustment to the default energy service rate, on average, Eversource Residential Electric customers in New Hampshire use 600 kilowatt hours of electricity per month, which sees an increase of approximately $ 71.39 bill per month.

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